Why You Need A Green Tea Capsule

It is not hard to understand why green tea is available in so many different forms since it has many plentiful beneficial components to offer. Green tea is found in regular tea form as well as liquid drink form, supplements and even a green tea capsule. A green tea capsule allows you to get the same nutritional benefits as a glass of green tea just in the convenience of a capsule form.

The main reason for the production of a green tea capsule is so that those who don’t like the taste of tea, don’t feel like they have the time to drink a full cup of tea, or have some other reason for not wanting a regular cup of tea can still incorporate the healthiness of green tea in their diet. A green tea capsule allows you to take advantage of the nutritional benefits of green tea no matter what.

Two a Day is all You Need!

All the benefits of twenty cups of green tea can be gained from two capsules of green tea extract a day. Just a few of the many benefits you can get from a green tea capsule include: lowers cholesterol, slows arthritis, prevents the growth of cancer cells and the assisting with weight loss. In addition, DNA is kept intact and the membranes of cells are stabilized by the abundant antioxidants that come from green tea and is found in green tea capsules. If you have high cholesterol you will be able to take green tea capsules to convert less of the cholesterol into the form that clogs your arteries which helps create a positive influence on your health.

Since green tea provides chemicals that bind estrogen it is also proven to help with breast cancer because this hormone is thus not free to stimulate breast cancer cells. Women who consume the greatest amount of green tea before menopause also have benefits since it can lessen severe forms of both menopause and breast cancer. Also recurrence of breast cancer after treatment is less likely to occur with women who drink green tea. Women who take green tea are half at risk when compared to other women who don’t take green tea when it comes to developing breast cancer in their lives.

Morgan Buchanan


October, 2018

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