Good Health Is A Habit Get Dose!

Good, or bad, habits are easily formed. Initially it is about making a conscious choice, then letting the automatic pilot take over and execute the outcomes. As a naturopath, I happily live by the ‘good health’ principles. In fact, it was my passion and everyday commitment to good health that resulted in me becoming a healthcare professional. You would be forgiven for thinking that eating healthily is boring. But let me tempt you otherwise…

Is it true that nothing has any meaning except the meaning that you attach to it? A world-class athlete, for example, will consider their diet and daily training as a stepping-stone to their ultimate goal and fulfilment. An over-weight couch potato would consider this routine excruciatingly painful and depriving them of their gustatory pleasures. So let me ask you where you stand in relation to your health. If you have a poor relationship with health you will find it harder to attract good health. Like attracts like (in thought as well) so it is important to understand the beliefs that you have about health and how this governs the daily choices you make to support these conscious (or unconscious) beliefs. Please take a few moments now to write down at least five rules that you have about health. I will explore five common ones with you now.


It is very convenient to race down to the local take-away for dinner. And yes, healthy eating requires more creativity, thought and preparation. You can learn to enjoy these qualities. Anyone can get addicted to the sensory delights of heavily infested flavours, artificial colours, sugars and salts in take-aways but just wait until you train your taste-buds to taste the wholesome, earthy and natural flavours of healthy food. The reason these foods can taste bland is because we are so used to the intensely stimulating processed foods. As you eat more healthily your taste actually become more refined and can discriminate the natural flavours more readily, thus adding to the invigorating experience of healthy eating.


Nature has an abundance of foods, enough to tempt and stimulate you in a myriad of ways. Creativity is the key. Laziness is the sin. Healthy food encompasses combinations of beans, pastas, cereals, flours, nuts, seeds, juices, herbal teas, fruits, vegetables, herbs. If you experience cravings it may be as a result of some nutritional imbalance, usually resulting from too much junk food, sugar or heavily refined foods. Have your diet assessed and necessary adjustments made.


Firstly, let us all eradicate the typical meaning of the word ‘diet’. Healthy eating is a permanent and enjoyable lifestyle that usually translates into envious amounts of energy, great health and harmony. When you experience the pleasurable rewards you will understand why you are no longer tempted by unhealthy habits. You’ll want to do even more of what is good for you. Occasional deviations and hiccoughs will occur, but your finely tuned body will be able to handle this.


(including that cheesecake, bottle of wine and packet of lollies)

Processed food was never a natural part of our ancestor’s diet. In fact, 8 out of the top 10 killer diseases in the western world today are related to diet. The increase in dietary-related diseases can only be a reflection of the dramatic adulteration and processing of many so-called “foods” on the market today. A more appropriate adage would be “everything that is natural in moderation”. Back to basics as nature knows best.


Fortunately for us the human body is quite resilient, so evidence of full-blow malnourishment can take years to accumulate. However, there is a world of difference between being “disease-free’ and totally happy and healthy. You may have become so accustomed to low-energy, fatigue etc that you don’t may not know exactly where you stand with your health.

Many symptoms that are classed as part of medical conditions can be dramatically minimized and even treated, with dietary changes. In a sea of plenty, most Australians actually have deficiencies they are not aware of. These inevitably result in some compromise in the level of functioning in the body, usually leading to a variety of symptoms. Your daily dietary habits are the key to prevention and treatment. You are what you eat, so don’t be fooled by the lack of immediate correlation to your health. It takes time for your body to assimilate and deplete its stores of nutrients. But you can keep your levels of nutrients saturated by making healthy eating choices everyday.

The experience of eating healthily is a more satisfying habit than most would imagine, the advantages making it hard to revert to an unhealthy lifestyle. The effect goes beyond just the physical body, enhancing your energy and vibrancy in a manner that no artificial stimulant can replicate, a glow that no synthetic cream or make-up can mimic and a happiness and contentment that no drug can elicit.

Taking the time and making the effort to create good health is also a reflection of your self-worth. You are, in essence, affirming that you are worthy of only the best within, and for yourself.

Let us now synthesize your incentives and rewards for attaining great health. Be clear and concise in your statements, for example: “great health means that I will be more toned and look better and so feel better within myself and be more sociable”. Comment on your vitality, energy and all the things you will be able to accomplish with your new-found health. Think present moment as well as long-term benefits. Now let’s turn these statements into your daily affirmation. Start each affirmation with “I am…” and insert the statements you have written above. Recite these at least five times upon waking up, and another five times just before retiring each night. Start off by writing them on a small card to be read off, until you are totally familiar with them. This exercise is very powerful. Many successful and famous people have utilized these techniques of consciously focusing on their results and their feelings for greater benefits.

It is said that a habit is formed after 21 consecutive days of performing the action (or thinking the thought). Thus the above affirmations you have synthesized must also become a habit through repetition over the same time. Within this time your brain will visualize these statements as fact and conspire to create the carbon-copy version in your daily reality. You do not need to concern yourself with the hows and whens, just rest assured that this works for you in a way that you will be compelled and motivated to easily and effortlessly be guided to achieving your healthy habits.

Once you have mastered your health habits you can apply the same process to all other facets of your life: relationships, career, finances…Use the three step process I have taken you through:

STEP 1. write down your beliefs about the topic and explore each point fully by writing whatever comes to mind.

STEP 2. write down all the incentives and rewards of achieving the desired goal in this area and

STEP 3. create and recite for 21days affirmations based on the incentives from step 2.

Be open to any ideas and changes occurring in your life, as this is a sign that shifts are occurring to bring about your desired goals. It is important to note that sometimes ‘unpleasant’ shifts can be happening, but this is only a ‘clearing’ process that will actually become a positive experience over-all. Other areas may also require you to do research through books, other people and asking your unconscious direct questions. Always be intuitively receptive to your inner answers. Faith will become an indispensable asset to your journey.

Questions to ask yourself may include:

what is my understanding of this event (disorder, feeling, symptom) ?

How does this event relate to me and why do I think it is present in my life (eg: depression, hives, no energy)?

Write everything that comes to mind then elaborate on each idea. What are all the benefits of not having this challenge anymore? More energy, confidence, happiness, success, accomplishment, better relationships, more security, financial improvements, social life/

Within a short time you’ll experience health differently through the motivation of pleasure and benefits. Without going into the details of neuro-associative conditioning, it will become the norm for you to deserve and experience your desired results. In fact, at times, it will be painful not to do these things, making it less attractive to repeat the undesired event.

In summary, these practices link to your beliefs, which, fortunately, you have the choice to control. There are no opportunities lost, if you don’t take the opportunity, someone (something) else will. If you don’t take charge of your thoughts then society’s ideals can seep into your daily routine. When you explore your beliefs about health you may find that the basis of many are the motives of persons who have everything but your health in their mind!

Do you really want to adopt the “average” thought and therefore the “average” result? Do you really want to eat the “average’ diet of take-aways laden with fat, cholesterol, sugar and salt and devoid of enzymes, liveliness and energy? And if so be prepared for the dire consequences. It is not too late to take charge and discover your potential today, by making good health a habit that is yours forever.


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