Hemorrhoid Surgery

Hemorrhoids vary in severity from mild, moderate to severe hemorrhoids. If you suffer from severe hemorrhoids, surgery may be necessary to remove the blood vessels. This will alleviate potential future problems. By educating yourself about hemorrhoid surgery, you can decide if it may be right for you.

In the course of hemorrhoid surgery, the rectum is adjusted to relieve pressure off the blood vessels in this area. The rectum is the end of the digestive system. When functioning properly, it easily moves stools through the body. When hemorrhoids are present in the rectum, it will be unable to move correctly and therefore properly eliminate stools. The hemorrhoids will behave as tissue cushions. These will be blood-filled, causing pain each time the digestive process is at this step.

If the hemorrhoids are severe, the cushions around the rectum area will become swollen and inflamed. As a result, bleeding will occur each time the rectum is called upon to move stools. The area will also experience constant pain and itching. If other regular methods haven't been successful in treating the hemorrhoids, surgery will become necessary to treat the swelling from the blood vessels.

Doctors will eliminate hemorrhoids in this area in one of three ways. Hemorrhoid surgery is usually considered a quick and relatively mild surgery. In all methods, after being brought to the surgery area, you will be given medication to induce relaxation. From here, the surgeon can remove the hemorrhoid by excising it at the base of the vessel. Another method entails using a band to tie around the hemorrhoid. This will cut off the blood flow to the hemorrhoid eventually causing the hemorrhoid to fall off the rectum. The third surgery uses a sclerosing agent in the hemorrhoid which causes the destruction of the vessels around the hemorrhoid also resulting in the hemorrhoid falling off the rectum.

If you have hemorrhoids that are not only causing discomfort, but are disrupting your ability to live and work normally, you may want to look into treatment options. Hemorrhoid surgery is one of the choices available. If no non-surgical methods have been successful, this may be important to look into. Surgery is an especially viable option for people with severe hemorrhoids. Examining the types of hemorrhoid surgeries and whether they are recommended to treat your problem is the first step in deciding whether you should discuss hemorrhoid surgery with your doctor.

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