Brians Ii Goalie Knee Pads Int

Brians Goalie Knee Pads

Brians Int Goalie Knee Pads

3-Piece molded high density plasticWrap around poly knee capRemovable sportmesh interior cushion3-Point velcro closure. more

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Brians Netik Pro oalie Chest Arm Protector

  Brians Netik Pro oalie Chest Arm Protector

For over 30 years; Brian's Custom Sports has produced some of the most revolutionary goalie equipment in history. The all-new Gnetik Pro chest and arm protector continues this legacy with a long list of new technologies and features in a unit that is fully customizable to nearly every style of play. Starting at the body; the core is a contoured design comprised of both high density (HD) and low density foams backed by an air pillow for added comfort. Full double wrap rib and side protection ensures a square; tight seal between the arms and body while using a blocking style of play. The main portion of the body utilizes an Airknit exterior; serving the purposes of reducing weight and increasing air flow to the goalie's body. Borrowing the belly flap feature from the Subzero and Subzero 2 Pro chest and arm protectors; the Gnetik Pro will allow for full range of mobility and crouching while the goalie is in their stance. Brian's has designed this unit to specifically meet the needs of both butterfly and hybrid style play. Wide HD foam segmented shoulder floaters with flex wings not only provide incredible protection; but also maximize net coverage while eliminating mask interference. Brian's has taken major strides in creating a revolutionary arm design; allowing for maximum coverage; yet effortless flexibility. The result is a brand new design featuring a wide range of unique adjustments for a perfect customized fit. This begins at the main arm protection; where floating poly bicep and forearm panels offer a first line of defense and a second layer of HD and LD foams disperse any remaining energy. Hinged arm floaters at the elbows are fully adjustable to any reasonable tension; creating a stiffer or more mobile arm depending on the goalie's preference. The entire arm exterior is constructed of both Airknit and high abrasion rip-stop nylon for maximum air flow and durability. Taking note from the success of their Gnetik line of gloves; Brian's has more

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