Brybelly Sfit 102 Pink Children S And 4 X 6 Tumbling Mat

Compare Brybelly Busqueda Ahorro 102 Pink Children S And Gymnastics 4 X 6 Tumbling Mat

Brybelly SFIT 102 Pink Children S And Gymnastics 4 X 6 Tumbling Mat

Whether its cheer leading, gymnastics, martial arts, yoga, Pilates or simple floor exercises, this long mat allows you to work out safely and comfortablyFeatures- Made from 2 in, high-density, eco-friendly foam, this thick mat is sure to provide the support you need- Each mat measures 47-5 in- wide and features four accordion-style panels for easy folding and storage- Best of all, each end of the mat has attached carrying handles, so transportation to the gym or exercise studio is quick and easy- The non-absorbent, mildew-resistant vinyl provides sanitary protection during your workout- For surface cleaning, use mild soap and warm water- This durable mat is also great for daycare centers, preschools and gymnasiums- Size - 4 x 6 ft- Item Weight - 18 lbs- SKU: RTL59235. more

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Compare Brybelly Buy Now 210 Set Of 6 Jumbo 5 Light Up Puffer Ball Yo Yos

  Compare Brybelly Buy Now 210 Set Of 6 Jumbo 5 Light Up

Give these squishy, squeezy, light-up puffer balls a toss, and theyll just keep coming back for more because theyre also yo-yos Soft and stretchy and covered in a hundred little feelers, our puffers make for some totally unique party favors-Features- This pack of six includes of each vibrant, neon color- Plus, inside each puffer ball is a motion-sensitive light-up core that flashes bright red and blue, so hit the lights and enjoy the show- With a diameter of 5 in, our puffers are jumbo-sized, and their 0-75 in- feelers are jumbo too- Slip your finger into the yo-yo string & #39s loop, and give the puffer ball a toss, and you & #39ll see the string stretch over 2 ft- long and then bounce right back These are great party favors, and Pedro knows parties- Item Weight - 1-18 lbs- SKU: more

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November, 2017

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